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Teeth Whitening – Bleaching

Here at Pingree Smile Center, we use the most advanced methods to brighten your teeth. Our goal is to meet every patient’s need, therefore we offer in-office whitening for immediate results, at-home whitening to maintain the results and combination of take home & in- office whitening based on your needs and expectations.

If you have noticed a change in the color of your teeth, here are few reasons of external stains which cause discolored teeth over time:

  • Smoking and Chewing Tobacco
  • Heavy coffee, tea or soda consumption.
  • Some diet with high additive spices and herbs
  • Age – As we get older, the whiter enamel from the tooth surface gets worn down and more ‘yellow’ dentin gives the appearance of darker teeth.

In office teeth whitening vs. take home bleaching

  • In office whitening is done at the office and takes approximately 1to 2 hours. In office whitening offers immediate results usually at least two shades lighter than before.
  • Take-home whitening: custom trays are made for each patient and whitening gel is given to patients with instructions on how to use daily in the comfort of patient’s own time. Since the material is not as strong as the professionally applied in office whitening material, results are usually seen within 1-2 weeks. This is a great option for patients with extra sensitive teeth, history of gum disease, or patients interested in minor touch-ups after in office whitening.

Since all whitening materials have tendency to cause mild sensitivity, it is imperative to have a full examination to make sure no cavities and gum disease are present. Applying whitening material in presence of dental decay or gum disease can make things worse and cause significant discomfort to patients.

If you have any questions on which method of teeth whitening is right for you, please ask your Pingree Grove dentist.

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I am happy to tell others that Dr. Patel is a excellent dentist. My mother had implants done that were perfect.  We are willing to travel the extra time to have our teeth done right.

Chris M.

My mom says I have to write this because I lost the bet.  Dr. Patel was a good dentist.  He made me feel safe.  He made my teeth better. Thank you Dr. Patel for your work.

Karen O.

I am happy with the service and quality of the dental work.  I had a cavity, and they fixed it.  Service is fast and they have coffee in the office which I appreciated. Thank again!

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