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Missing multiple teeth due to gross decay, fractures, periodontal (gum) disease can really affect a person’s appearance, self-confidence and eating abilities. Your Pingree Grove dentist can bring back the smile on your face with partial dentures or full dentures to replace your missing teeth.

Full dentures supported solely on patients’ gums are never fully retentive. They keep moving around and patients usually always have trouble getting used to them. We can now make dentures that are stabilized with dental implants. This combination of implant supported dentures can really improve function, restores the appearance and increases stability for comfortable function.

Always speak to your dentist to find out your treatment options.


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I am happy to tell others that Dr. Patel is a excellent dentist. My mother had implants done that were perfect.  We are willing to travel the extra time to have our teeth done right.
Chris M.

My mom says I have to write this because I lost the bet.  Dr. Patel was a good dentist.  He made me feel safe.  He made my teeth better. Thank you Dr. Patel for your work.
Karen O.

I am happy with the service and quality of the dental work.  I had a cavity, and they fixed it.  Service is fast and they have coffee in the office which I appreciated. Thank again!

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