Tooth Extractions Q & A

When are tooth extractions necessary?

There are a number of conditions that can necessitate the extraction of one or more teeth. In some cases, patients have experienced damage due to trauma or decay that has exceeded the threshold for repair. In other cases, a perfectly healthy tooth may need to be removed in order to make room for orthodontic treatment, or for other teeth to come in properly. Finally, one of the most common reasons for tooth extractions is when wisdom teeth have become impacted and must be removed.

What is the procedure for having a tooth extracted?

As with any dental procedure, preparation begins with a thorough assessment, during which Dr. Patel will evaluate the patient’s overall oral health and prepare a course of treatment. If extraction is deemed necessary, the patient will be given some form of anesthesia. Options include the use of “laughing gas,” an injection, conscious sedation and even general anesthesia in some cases. Once the patient is made comfortable, Dr. Patel will perform the extraction using the method best suited for that patient’s particular set of needs. Because of the effects of anesthesia, the patient will not feel pain during the procedure. Once the tooth has been removed, the patient will be given post-surgical instructions before being sent home. In some cases, painkillers are prescribed, although many patients are able to make use of over-the-counter pain medication to relieve discomfort following an extraction.

What are the signs that tooth extractions necessary?

Many patients seek dental care only when they are experiencing significant pain, or when a traumatic event has led to damage. This, however, is a flawed approach. Individuals should maintain a regular schedule of dental cleanings and checkups, during which Dr. Patel can evaluate their overall oral health and determine if restorative care is necessary. In many cases, regular office visits can prevent extensive dental work that comes about when treatment is delayed. In the case of tooth extractions, patients who are experiencing significant pain or who can see signs of tooth crowding within their mouth should schedule an appointment right away.


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